Source of 3d models to be used in BIM software

Where do you find the best 3d models to used in your favorite BIM modeling tool like Revit? Product manufacturers website, 3rd party consultants, build them in-house? Please provide link to sources if possible.

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I always build in-house.

OpenRFA and BIMObject are progressing however - might be worth looking into sometime.

BIMObject is great when it comes to building components like doors, windows, etc but, their inventory is short when you need furniture, lighting, accessories and so on specially, when you are looking for a very specific brand.

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Agree, I hope companies get more involved with maintaining their own content for products in future.

Hopefully Moduluc can facilitate that. I believe one of the challenges they have is lack of organized 3D library specially when it comes to BIM objects. I am very surprised since BIM modeling for them is not that expensive and is a very rewarding specially it comes to indirect marketing

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