Rendering inside the modeling software vs separate software for visualization

In what scenarios designer prefer doing the visualization inside the modeling software and when is best to export the project to an external software? Would be interesting to have a comparison in terms of time efficiency, quality of output, reliability when it comes to large size files, etc.

We typically model and produce construction documents in Revit and use the Enscape plug-in for real time rendering, videos, and virtual reality walk-throughs using the HTC Vive. Still renders are enhanced in Photoshop while videos are post processed in Premier.

Rendering within the model software with Enscape is helpful as a tool for visualization during design while greater detail and clarity for client renderings and marketing video can be gleaned from post processing outside of Revit.

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Nice way to make sure users treat their BIM model more carefully too - hard to hide from issues when you see them in VR/flythrough :slight_smile:

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