Outsource BIM Objects Creation

How to find best sources who build 3d models for you? Do you know any of them? Any idea about their capacity (like x number of models / m on average)?

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These days I see outsourcing overseas is quite common, they tend not to have a limit in capacity - money buys resources so it comes down to how much the company is willing to put into the outsourcing venture.

These are a few I’m familiar with:

I see the TECHTURE team are more focused on building scale modeling. Do they model objects as well like furniture and accessories?

Did you work with them before? Would like to know about your experience and if you have a guesstimate about their pricing range.

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Most outsourcers don’t build content in my experience - at least not for non-manufacturing based companies.

I haven’t worked directly with outsourcers before, but have met these companies teams and their work looked decent enough. Australia is still building its trust in this method of working, so it is less commonly seen.

Pricing range varies for their services, but I find it can be as much as 50% cheaper than local consultants. The hidden costs come in the form of business overheads to manage/communicate with them to get the desired outcome.

Thanks for the insights. Will get in touch with them and update you here if I find anything useful to share

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