Generic BIM objects

At what phase of design we could use generic models? when they should be replaced with detailed models and what is your workflow? Automatic with scripts / Dynamo or manual?

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Ideally no later than LOD allows in a BMP. LOD200 is usually OK until the end of schematic design, but resolution is needed beyond this for confident clash detection.

Best workflow when time allows is to have generic versions of families with matching origins so they can be cleanly reloaded over one another, but this causes some challenges with managing nested families.

Had a similar idea. Do you know of any plugin / script that replace the generic object with hi-res one based on origin automatically in different design phases?

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I would build the families with a common origin from the beginning, then use Dynamo to batch reload families based on an excel mapping table.

Due to family nesting, reloading and moving the elements to fix origin discrepancies wouldn’t be a viable option.

So you suggest to completely automate this process with scripts, one should avoid using nested families?

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Nested families are essential, but the origin nomination being the same in proxied families is key to allow them not to cause any issues.

I see what you are saying. What if we could add more parameters to the object like when user cycles through different family options, it outputs different dimensional and origin data accordingly and we use those dynamic data as an entry for next procedure?