Cost of creating 3d BIM object

On average, what is the cost of building a 3d model (like a furniture, appliance, etc.) to be used in BIM platforms like Revit?

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On average a family takes me 30 minutes to make properly - so whatever that is on a professional salary or consulted rate I would say.

That’s great to know. What do you think about a large number? lets say when we need 500 to 1000 products to be models from 1-5 manufacturers?

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There would be some time saved for repetitious modelling (e.g. slight variations on a similar product). Personally I’m not daunted by quantity required; if the consulted rates line up then happy to help.

I try to encourage manufacturers these days towards parametric families vs. one-off family duplicates. It may take longer for manufacturer level families if they need to be LOD400 etc.

Can we extract model data from a parametric family to re-create the same model in different platforms like Rhino or Houdini?

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Not easily, the geometry can be exported using something like Rhino Inside, but it would be a highly customized script potentially, and not able to be run on bulk in my experience.

Dynamo could be used to set up a batch export family geometry to SAT mesh for a content library, or set of families in a library however. Some aspects such as materials and data would be lost in the process however.

I have some ideas here. Will think more and share it here

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