Certify 3d Models for BIM platforms

Is there any known / established set of standards around 3d modeling for BIM applications in terms of accuracy, file size, versioning, documentations, etc.?

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Best we have right now is ISO 19650 and some other initiatives like OpenRFA and the now discontinued ANZRS.

Was reading through abstract of ISO 19650. Here is the essence:

This document is primarily intended for use by:

those involved in the procurement, design, construction and/or commissioning of built assets; and those involved in delivering asset management activities, including operations and maintenance.

Any idea of finding similar standards for BIM objects and standalone assets like furniture? Or do you think same set of rules will be applicable to both?

Learning about OpenRFA specially when it comes to its mapping table and logic.

What do you think about COBie?

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I find COBie isn’t well understood by end users - their systems don’t typically have the capacity to make proper use of the data. It’s probably more relevant in the UK where it is enforced, but in Australia not many people have a use for it.


Agree. Its more a UK thing and not so known here in North America
Need to learn more in-depth about OpenRFA. Any good article and tutorials or link to discussion channels would be greatly appreciated

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OpenRFA is an intiative to create an industry common shared parameter table, with intent of consistent data mapping to a single IFC dataset.


Yeh. I did check it out and reading through their parameters pages. Its quite confusing IMO at least in terms of layout and UX. I need to see if I could find any OpenRFA user group in my area or over internet to learn more.